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fighting the future

Empire State officials are not giving up their crusade against the sharing economy.


The Russian security goons are harassing and intimidating our diplomats in increasingly threatening ways. More signs of the awe and respect that President Obama commands abroad.

Afghanistan in Peril

With U.S. troops likely to remain in Afghanistan indefinitely, and dogged resistance from ISIS and the Taliban ongoing, what does Obama have to show for his Afghanistan strategy?

Orwell in Russia
Global Commodities Collapse

Baosteel and Wuhan Steel, two of the largest steel manufacturers in China, are set to “restructure”.

Fear the Airpocalypse

Toxic air pollution is killing millions of people every year, but smarter energy solutions (like shale gas) can save lives.

the marketplace of ideas

Why is there so little reliable public information on the costs and benefits of universal daycare programs?

Brexit and Beyond

Just one week after a WSJ report saying that it was coming around to nuclear power, the Sierra Club issued a sharp repudiation.

The Oldest Hatred
How do you solve a problem like Korea?
Radical Islam, Euphemisms, and the Labor of Selective Tradition
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Word Magic
By refusing to talk about Islamism, President Obama is ceding the terms of debate to the likes of Trump.
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The Next American Dream
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Moving On
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The New Normal
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